Wharton Seattle Club President JD

  • Lead the Club / Build Community
    • Set the Vision and Mission of the Club
    • Execute on direction, engagement, programming, and services for alumni in the Greater Seattle area
    • Coordinate with the Seattle Alumni Community and School Alumni Office
  • Recruit and lead the team
    • Work with other volunteers to identify and recruit Wharton alums to other key leadership roles (Treasurer, VP Membership, VP Programming, etc.)
    • Oversee succession planning
  • Represent the Seattle Wharton community
    • Primary contact with staff liaison and the Wharton School
    • Represents the Club across global Wharton Alumni Clubs, and to non-school organizations (e.g. other business school clubs)

Benefits / Why this is an awesome role:

  • Networking: Meet a diverse group of high-caliber people. Build your network across domains.
  • Visibility: You will represent the Seattle Wharton community to the School, alumni community, and external groups. You will be the primary point of contact for other alumni and interface with other School and community leaders.
  • Meaning: You will build something meaningful, connecting 1,000+ members in the local Wharton community and beyond, with valuable content and relationships. Deliver something of significant value to the Wharton community.
  • Grow as a leader: Practice the leadership, management, and people skills you’ve developed throughout school and in your current career.
  • Have fun: Enjoy interesting activities with great people.


  • Execution-focused mindset. Direct the Wharton Seattle Club to deliver at least four activities/events per year.
  • 1-year term commitment.

If this is something that intrigues you, please complete the application here.