The Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society announces

The 2018 Crandall Challenge Citation

This citation is in recognition of the large number of members who draw upon their Wharton Graduate acquired knowledge, talents, and experience to make a significant contribution to the improvement of community and national socio-economic quality of life through continuous and significant volunteer endeavors. 

Whether your efforts or projects involve a single community, your state, nationally or internationally, each submission will be equally considered and judged objectively on the basis of their creativity, operation, appeal and impact. 

Nominate one of your Wharton Graduate classmates, or yourself, for this recognition that will be given at the May 2018 WGES Reunion Luncheon.

Submissions should describe the volunteer activities and endeavors of the Wharton Grad nominee focusing on:

  • Goals, performance and achievement of civic engagement
  • Continuity and extent of the volunteer’s involvement
  • Significance of their socio-economic impacts
  • Their innovative and creative nature

All nominees will also receive a certificate to properly recognize them and to signify the entire Wharton family's appreciation for the impactful work they've done on behalf of the community. 

Nominations can be submitted anytime between December 2017 and February 15, 2018, and should be mailed to:

Crandall Challenge Committee, Wharton Graduate Emeritus Society
Helen Formanes, Associate Director of Alumni Affairs
The Wharton School, 344 Vance Hall 
3733 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Or emailed to: [email protected]